About the Museum of Senses

What are the senses?

You use your senses to perceive the world around you.

Sight. Hearing. Smell. Taste. Touch. Balance. These are the most important ones. Without them, you would know nothing about the world around you. 

Do you know how we sense things? How can you see, hear, smell, taste or touch?A lot of different parts of your body has to be in sync so you can sense something. 

Let’s take sight for example. Light waves reach your eye. There, the tiny receptors transform the light into electrical impulses. Those impulses rush through the nerves to reach your brain. Only when they reach the brain - you can actually see.

Without your senses you wouldn’t be able to feel the beauty of the world. Your friends smile. Your favorite song. The taste of your grandma’s favorite cake. The smell of the sea. The touch of someone you love. 

Welcome to Museum of Senses in Split!

How many senses are there?

There are six main senses, that let you perceive the world.

If you are standing under the apple tree, your sense of SIGHT lets you know how many apples there are and which one is the ripest. The sense of HEARING lets you hear the bees buzzing in the tree. You have to be careful if you want to TASTE the delicious apple. Your sense of BALANCE lets you stretch and pick the right apple, avoiding the bees. 

You can SMELL the apple and TOUCH its smooth surface. It’s healthy and ripe - ready for you to eat it!

Sight. Hearing. Taste. Smell. Touch. Balance.

But humans have more senses than that. It turns out that there are at least nine different senses and most researchers think that there are even more than twenty senses.

Which are those weird senses? 

You can feel itching, pain, heat, hunger or thirst. There are cells inside your body that detect poisons and cause you to vomit if you ate something rotten. You can feel the time passing. Some people can taste a sound or a color. This stunning ability is called synesthesia.


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